Marie Comuzzo

Musicologist | Ecofeminist Activist | Musician

Marie Comuzzo studies how sound mediates the relationship between humans and whales, and how the recognition of their vocal expression as song has shifted humans’ perception of them. Recently her article “Singing with Whales: Exploring Human and Non-Human Connection” was published by SEM Student News. Marie is currently working on her Ph.D. at Brandeis University in Musicology, and is a visiting faculty at Mount Holyoke College. Her specializations also include the role that beauty standards have in the careers of women and gender queer instrumental performers – for which she was awarded the Sagan Family Graduate Research Grant – and the effect that capitalism and the witch hunts had on the representations of women in the Western music canon.

Marie also works at Brandeis University Press as Website Design Manager & Publishing Associate. She recently redesigned entirely the website and works on anything design related, and on acquisition in environmental studies and music.

Originally from Italy and Germany, Marie holds a Masters in Music and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from Brandeis University Press, a Masters in Musicology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst; a Graduate Performance Diploma in Violin from Boston Conservatory at Berklee, and an undergraduate degree from the Arrigo Boito Conservatory in Parma, Italy. Previously to pursuing an academic career, she was a professional violinist and premiered many original works by US based composers in the Boston and Amherst areas, served as Concertmaster for operas and symphonic concerts both in the US and in Italy, and toured with orchestras in Italy, Switzerland, and Eastern Europe.

When not studying, she loves to play music, garden, cook, read, swim, kayak, spend time with her loved ones, make art, and play with her cat friend Zenobia.


I study musical production at the intersection of gender and racial inequality, and capitalism.


A short selection of musical performances, both solo and in chamber groups. 


A selection of visual art, sculptures, and plant based cheese compositions, and live art.